About Me   

My name is Gina Lovoi and I'm a fledgling remote viewer who recently relocated from a small, beach town in Northern California to a small, beach town on Eastern Long Island.  I live with my partner and our rescue dogs.  I'd like to start by using a quote I once heard:  "Let the practical lead to the mystical."  In addition to being a remote viewer, I'm also a Virgo and my life is ruled by all things practical.  Practicality can get really old.  A person needs mysticism!  The idea of turning something practical into something mystical is revolutionary!  While some of the questions investigated here may seem mundane, all of the answers have the capacity to be mystical and magical.  It's all in how you choose to look at it.  It's a conscious choice to let the practical become mystical.  Please join me on this journey of using humor, story telling and remote viewing to answer questions, solve problems and make our time here on earth way more interesting and entertaining!