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In 2018, life took a major detour due to a chronic illness.  Working life came to an end, as did many of the things I took for granted while in good health.  For years, the website was connected to my business as an independent, personal trainer in the Bay Area.  One of the things to change was the focus of the website.  While running the personal training business, I had a concurrent website, (as a hobby).  In 2019, the decision was made to make Tiny Investigations my primary website under the domain name of


While still working as a personal trainer in San Francisco, a monthly newsletter was distributed to clients, friends and family.  The newsletter focused on fitness trends, dieting (or not dieting - which is more to the point), cultural aspects of health and fitness and many other things.  When work came to an unfortunate end in 2018, the newsletter carried on, but with less of a focus on health and fitness and more of a focus on whatever I felt like talking about.  Sure I've lost subscribers, but the newsletter continues to be a passion, no matter what the topic or how many people actually read it.  This page is dedicated to an archive of all past newsletters, as well as showcasing current newsletters.  I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them!

The Musings on Life Newsletter is on a break starting July 2021.

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