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The Posey Tunnel vs. The Haunted Asylum

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

No remote viewing session was ever conducted prior to our trip to Alameda, CA to visit the haunted hospital a.k.a. the Posey Tunnel. I wish I had done a session on it because maybe I would have known that the haunted hospital we were in search of was not the Posey Tunnel, nor was it the really cool deco building that sits atop the tunnel. Nonetheless, my partner and I were ready to find some spooky stuff whether or not we were in the right place. So, in my typical fashion, I sat in the car and expounded on my intentions, "You go see what's going on." This is my typical M.O.: to sit in the car and let someone else get the crap scared out of them...despite the fact that I did the research into finding haunted hospitals, mapped the whole event and probably paid the bridge toll. Clearly, I wanted to be there, but I wasn't about to sneak around a major Alameda landmark listening for creepy sounds and watching for ghostly orbs. So instead, poor Julie (that's my partner's name...and the "poor" part is typically in front of "Julie" when someone is referring to her...because she's with me and all) got out of the car, boldly walked up to a doorway and put her ear to the door. Three seconds later, Julie was darting back to the car with a goofy grimace on her face. I was so excited...but, still not getting out of the car. "What is it? What did you hear?" Julie's response, "Uh, I don't know, something flying around maybe." My bubble was quickly becoming popped because all the excitement was probably over a pigeon. Nonetheless, I wanted to check it out. We were both so torqued up at this point that wind noises clearly would have been deceased mental patients trying to communicate. As a side note, I no longer think that hunting for ghosts is a good thing to do, as evidenced by watching allot of "The Dead Files" on the Travel Channel. It turns out that scaring yourself is even more exciting than being scared by external forces because one's imagination can be far more frightening. All in all, it was a good investigation. We saw a really beautiful building up close, we realized the old hospital (which was about a mile away from this site) had been burned down years ago and we scared ourselves...all for the price of a bridge toll and some gasoline.

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