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Directive: 1 8012 5476 Linnea's Objective

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Directive:  1  8012 5476

Oh my freaking goodness, this is exciting! This is my first, official Tiny Investigation. While I'm sure everyone is dying to see the full remote viewing session (eight pages of ideograms/squiggles, stick figure drawings and a bunch of adjectives), for the purposes of this blog post, I'm instead going to make huge deductions, keeping the results concise and kooky. As a side note, it's important to remember that remote viewing is almost never whittled down or deduced to anything super specific because typically it's wrong when you go that route. However, I'm a remote viewing rebel who wants to write freely, name specific things and get really comfortable with being super wrong. Sure, I could bore you with the actual data from the remote viewing session, but instead, I'm choosing to only bore the person who had me do the session through email exchanges. For the tasker, the conclusion will probably be very different than this blog post because she just received eight pages of a remote viewing session dense with data. To make matters even more mysterious, the person who tasked this particular remote viewing session will not be revealing the actual question. This is a personal decision based on whether or not the person who commissioned the remote viewing session wants to keep their question private. So, we'll just have to imagine that I'm totally on point here...even though we know I'm probably very off point here.

After conducting a remote viewing session on the given coordinates, I must conclude that I was being asked to view a major life decision or event...something like a birth, a death or a new job. To be super specific (remember that super specific typically equals really wrong), I believe the tasker was asking about what it would be like to meet David Bowie in the afterlife. Well, obviously, he's fantastic! I mean look at the guy. Anyone who would wear this jumpsuit is very clearly comfortable with himself. I would assume that he's much like he was in life. However, I also got that someone here is very an emotional roller coaster of a human being or non-human being. Maybe Mr. Bowie is still reeling from Brexit and the American presidency elections. Maybe he's toying with the idea of coming back to earth soon to contribute in a different way. I don't know why he'd do that, but you know, to each his own. Going back to the remote viewing session, it seems like your meeting with David Bowie in the afterlife will be very dynamic. However, please know that future events like this always have an element of the unknown. Perhaps Mr. Bowie will have been reincarnated by the time you get to his dimension. For your sake and everyone else, I sincerely hope you get to meet David Bowie; I hope he's wearing a jumpsuit just like this; I hope you can chat about music or cats or whatever you and David Bowie have in common; and, most of all, I hope that you hold no dread about the afterlife.

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