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Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Oh mom, you're so funny! For today's blog post, I will be revealing the answer to Noreen's burning question. It's important to note that Noreen is my mother, so, of course, the question is all about me, her loving and clearly self-obsessed daughter. During my initial "cool down" (the time when I get into a meditative state in order to conduct a remote viewing session), the first images that came in were that of a pig and two flowers. When I drew the flowers, I realized immediately that these were no flowers, but rather eggs! Ah, from there, it was a breeze! Noreen, I believe you were asking me to reveal what either my favorite book was as a child or what you cooked for me when I got sick as a child. I believe I absolutely nailed this one, so I can't wait to find out the actual question (which will be posted in this blog as soon as I know what it was). But mom, there are a few things I'd like to say on this topic. First, Green Eggs and Ham may still be my favorite book, so you really didn't have to pose it as a past tense question. Let's just admit it, my learning level probably stopped at Dr. Seuss books because I already thought I knew everything. Additionally, books with pictures are always better...everyone knows that! Second, I have a question for you mom: Why don't you cook me green eggs and ham when I get sick anymore, huh? I'm still sick, pathetic and your daughter when I catch a cold at age forty-six. But, do I get any green eggs and ham? Nooo. Sure, mom, you could use the argument that I don't eat ham...and that may be true...but, like green eggs and yam would do. Like if you scrambled green eggs and then either mashed up some yams or did a baked-fry-yam-kind-of-thing, I'm pretty sure my cold would go away sooner. Just sayin' mom. Love you! -Gina

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