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Directive: 5 5567 3421 Lorrie's Objective

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Lorrie, if I didn't already think you were a total bad ass after sparring on your 60th birthday, this made me think that you were either a supreme bad ass or completely out of your mind. Are you asking me what you're going to do for your 70th birthday? If so, are you contemplating cliff diving? You know, I'm all for taking a risk here and there, so I'd like to support you in your endeavors...even if I might worry about you in the meantime. Additionally, a vacation to an exotic place (perhaps before you reach 70) would be an excellent idea. You just need to make the plans and go! As a helpful investigative tool, please check in with Costco trips if you are planning a vacation adventure. I promise, I don't secretly work for Costco...there are simply good deals to be had there.

This, however, is only one scenario of what you might have been after with your burning question and this tiny investigation. The other thought was that you had an idea of creating a new business and needed to know more about the possibility of "UFO diving" as a new cliff diving, but without a cliff...and with a UFO. Again, not only do you have my support behind you, but you also have the support of others (friends, family, fans, dead people and possibly even extraterrestrials themselves). You really have all you need in place to make this take off. The only hitch is that UFOs are not yet common place (or even acknowledged publicly) and it might be a rough road to find an extraterrestrial willing to swoop in to earth for some extreme diving fun. My feeling is that folks from other planets secretly love extreme sports just as much as we do, although I'm pretty sure they do talk shit behind our backs about it. You'll need to get in contact with a willing participant who sees your vision and can get on board the up and coming UFO diving sports craze. Just like the possibility of taking an exotic vacation or cliff diving for your 70th birthday, this will require some planning and risk, but you have the support you need to make it work! As for contact with extraterrestrials, please try hanging out in Joshua Tree, Mount Shasta (and surrounding areas) and/or the Grand Canyon. These places are known for UFO activity. Plus, you can start checking out what kind of UFO will work a triangular one, a bullet shape or something more unexpected like the morphing blobs. I'm all for the morphing blob UFOs...cause can you imagine the selfies? I'd also like to be the first person to buy stock in this, so please keep me aprised of your progress.

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