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Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Congratulations Caitlin...looks like you're going to be moving into an amazing condo! Initially, I wanted to post a photo of the apartments from Melrose Place...and then I realized that you may have never seen Melrose Place. Were you even alive yet? Next up, Burns & Allen and The Marx Brothers references to really confuse you. Just kidding. Okay, so here's what I got: structure, structure and more structure. I know way too much about your life to ignore the home buying topic when a structure was so prevalent during remote viewing. Looks like you'll have some support from friends and family. I bet you're now wondering where the hell is this amazing condo supposed to be and when the hell will you be purchasing said condo? I want to know too! Can't help you with the specifics, but there is one cautionary tale I'd like to mention which is specific to your condo purchasing case. Watch out for bright shit in the air in regards to your home buying. This could be more of a positive symbolic omen...something like, "Wow, look at the shooting star above the condos!" It could also be something more frightening...something like, "Wow, that plane is crashing into the condos." A final thought is that it could be something much more benign like a neon sign placed on the corner of the building. Hence, the gigantic Xanadu picture!

Now I realize you may have not been asking me about me, but if you were trying to find out my favorite movies, well done! It's Xanadu...right next to The Shining. Since both Xanadu and The Shining are intrinsically about fantastical buildings, it makes all the sense in the world that a structure would be the dominating objective. Thanks for asking about me. What's your favorite movie? However, since I doubt you're asking about me, I'd like to get back to my original answer of your own home buying timeline. While I don't know when it will be, it does seem like purchasing a home in California is very likely. I'm going to cheer heavily for a building with a neon sign because that's just cool! Second, please make sure that there is an area to do some roller dancing. This is something architects consistently overlook, but a roller area is also cool and necessary when purchasing a home! Finally, getting back to my favorite movies again, if you could find a hella haunted place where your personality is noticeably unraveling from your other worldly encounters, totally go for it! Life is too short to be safe and uninteresting.

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