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Want to know more about having a Tiny Investigation done for your own burning question?

There is a process to every Tiny Investigation which requires some explaining at the onset. For future sessions, the following information will be included to help define the blog posts. We start with a client who has a question or concern. The client concisely formulates their question, starting with the word "describe". It would look something like, "Describe the location of my lost emerald ring." Additionally, the client comes up with eight random numbers broken into two sets of four numbers. It would look something like: 4652 7821 (any variation of numbers work). When choosing the numbers, the client thinks deeply and heavily about their question. In other words, they try to infuse the numbers with the idea or the thought of their question. They keep the question to themselves and send the Tiny Investigation Task Force ONLY the eight numbers. In other words, the person conducting the Tiny Investigation is blind to the actual question they will be investigating. From there, the T.I. Task Force assigns the case a "directive" (mostly for filing purposes) and gets to work using remote viewing and online research to flesh out an answer.

Remote viewing is a form of extrasensory perception. It was initially created by the Russian military in an effort to create psychic spies in the 1970s. The United States military found out about the Russian's research and began their own military-funded programs which ran from the 1970's-1990's. At the time, remote viewing was very classified information. However, in the late 1990's the military released some of their documents on remote viewing. Civilians began to pick up on and practice the protocol founded within the military programs from the declassified information. There is allot of info on remote viewing out there. Some of it is great and some of it is questionable. Just keep in mind this one thing: if the military was willing to spend millions of dollars on it over several decades, there's probably something to it! Try to keep an open mind and a healthy skepticism.

I giggle every time I say "T.I. Task Force" because it basically consists of me, Gina Lovoi. I began practicing remote viewing in September of 2016, after having taken a course from a very well-established remote viewer named John Vivanco. Since that time, John has worked with me on a weekly (and sometimes daily) basis to help sharpen my skills and keep me in practice. There are many ways remote viewing can be useful. For the purpose of my website and blog, I chose to take an entertaining avenue, keeping things light-hearted and fun. For the price of $10.61, the client receives two things. The first is an entire remote viewing session and a page by page explanation on how to interpret the data/the findings sent via email. The second is a blog post which is purely for fun and riffs off of the remote viewing session to create a modern-day fortune. These are two very different things. The first thing (the remote viewing session) will probably help to answer your burning question in all seriousness. The second thing (the blog post) delves deeper into answering the question by using humor, on-line research and general silliness to expound on what came through in the remote viewing session...and it probably won't help answer any questions, but it may get you to laugh!

If you're thinking about having a Tiny Investigation conducted for your own burning question or concern, please check out my website at Scroll to the bottom of this page for a link to email me directly and find out more.

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