• Gina Lovoi

Directive 7 3434 7897 Caitlin's Second Objective

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Holy hot damn Caitlin....looks like you're moving into a houseboat! Mr. Cat would surely love nothing more than rocking back and forth on the bay hour after hour, day after day, month after month. I almost want to say that Mr. Cat was trying to send me telepathic messages of excitement and glee through this entire remote viewing session. He really couldn't be more tickled pink about living on the most cats love the water. Okay, just kidding, Mr. Cat would probably not love it. In actuality, when trying to answer your objective, the beginning was more about a house-like structure. As it went on, the data became more about a boat-like structure. When you put them together (along with a really awesome vintage aesthetic) you get an adorable blue and white houseboat like this one! Sure, it will be allot of downsizing for you. Sure, it will be freezing most of the time. Plus, I would imagine there's something not pleasant about toilets on boats, but whatever! You're young and free and should live on a houseboat. Your friends from the Dolphin club can literally swim over to your place for parties. I'm almost convinced this is a cool idea.

Be warned, however, because there is something in the sky. Perhaps it's clouds eclipsing the sun. Perhaps it's blobs of glowing, alien spacecraft. Perhaps it's Mr. Cat dreaming of catching the surrounding birds mid-flight. Whatever it is, there is a light and a dark element to it. It might even be representative of an idea. Something needs to work together here for this to work out right. It could even be something more esoteric like thoughts and ideas. For instance, you may think moving to a houseboat for some rest and relaxation would be a great idea. Yet, deep down, you know it's totally lunatic and you'll be fairly miserable and taking showers at my house on most days. Don't fret Caitlin, you're always welcome to shower over here! Think it through. There is huge potential for this boat ride to be everything you want it to be!

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