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Directive: 8 7879 3142 Jen's Objective

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Jen - Remember when you asked me about any potential problems involved with having too many things in your head at one time when getting ready to give me your objective? Well, this is kind of what your remote viewing session was like. I'm going to go so far as to say you asked me to describe a dream. Instead of a tidy bunch of shapes, sounds and textures I could deduce into something tangible, it was pure anarchy of images! So let me tell you how I think your dream went. You start off drunk. This may or may not be part of the dream. You begin by floating about in the water among fishes, jellyfishes and beams of light. Ah Jen, it's a gorgeous dream! While there wasn't a car in the water exactly (I'm not even sure there was water), there was a car (or a front of a car present) for a brief moment. This car was stopped right in front of something which I believe to be the main crux of your dream. This "crux" was a bunch of streaming beams dividing everything right down the center.

This stream of beams (I'm going to keep calling it that because it makes me feel like a wordsmith) was everywhere, gently cascading right down the center of the imagery. At first I thought, "Jellyfish legs!" Then I realized that these so-called jellyfish legs weren't connected to a jellyfish body. Instead, this stream of beams was it's own thing. Sometimes it trickled down the center of what appeared to be a large skyscraper. Sometimes it shot down right in front of the partial car. Sometimes it was the only thing there...just staring at me, taunting me really. So then, I began to think that the stream of beams might be something symbolic or metaphorical. If so, I'd say that whatever is being split down the center will turn out to be a good thing. Not once did this remote viewing session feel anxious or divisive, despite the division down the center. Instead, it felt kind of fun or relief/ you easily figured out what to mix and match for dinner. If the stream of beams turns out to be literal, it looks like you might be riding with some aliens soon. As if you're just driving along a deserted road in the middle of the night, and bam...aliens! Please keep aware of missing time, foggy memory and glowing balls of light. Of course, we can go back to the beginning and simply blame this on your drunkeness too. Either way, looks like a good time!

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