Tiny Investigations Examples and Blog Procedure   

To begin your own Tiny Investigation, you will need to send your question in a very specific way (see below for procedure).  I will then conduct a remote viewing session for your question or inquiry.  Each session takes me about an hour and a half.  The results will be posted in the Tiny Investigations Blog, upon your permission.  I'm also happy to keep the results confidential if preferred.


The information/data I collect during the remote viewing session will be added to any additional, pertinent sleuthing and will be filtered though my sense of humor when explaining the results. If my initial results from the remote viewing session are off, then my research will also be off because the remote viewing session will determine the direction of the research.  The final blog post will read like a live Zoltar fortune, if Zoltar was funny, talked too much and openly confessed that he is frequently wrong.

It's important to note that in absolutely no way am I making light of remote viewing or the process.  I'm a firm believer that remote viewing works and that everyone has the potential to do it.  My data is not always a perfect match, but that's part of the fun...and part of the learning process.  As I continue to hone my skills, you're participation will be greatly appreciated and greatly discounted at a special introductory price of $10.61/session.  Even if the results produce a "WTF" reaction, hopefully there will be a nugget of truth, interest or joviality which validates your participation.

Gina's Greatest Remote Viewing Hits

(abbreviated versions)

  Remote Viewing Examples  

The entire process of remote viewing is difficult to explain quickly, but there are many good books and websites on the topic.  For the purposes of this website, using one of my past remote viewing sessions below, I will explain each of the pages in a TransDimentional Remote Viewing (TDRV) session.  You do not need to read or understand the examples to participate.  The examples are here to show you what the data looks like.   However, when interpreting the data for your personal Tiny Investigation, it will be formatted as a blog with a story-telling semblance.

Full Remote Viewing Session with Page by Page Definitions

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   Blog Procedure and Cost  

If you're considering sending in a question, there's no time like the present!  Each question is $10.61, easily paid via the Paypal link below.  It's important that you do not send your actual question.  Instead, I ask that you send eight numbers broken up into two sets of four numbers.  The numbers can be arbitrary, but your intention needs to be strong.  When picking your eight numbers, try focusing your thoughts to your actual question.  You want the eight numbers to be infused with thoughts of your question...and a bunch of faith.  Additionally, when formulating your question, try starting off with the word, "Describe...".  It's typically better to ask an open ended question, rather than a "yes" or "no" question.  You will then email me the numbers and I will begin the work from there.  In addition to your remote viewing session, you will also get some super sleuthing to answer your question.  If I can research and match up the remote viewing data with proven scientific data, on-line data or gossip magazine data, I will!  It's important to note that the data collected during a remote viewing session is often misinterpreted...and sometimes it's just flat out wrong.  If this happens to your question, the subsequent sleuthing will also go down the wrong path.  While there are no refunds (even when I've gone down the wrong path), the results should be entertaining and informative nonetheless.


This is not an exact science.  The results can be surprising, amusing, irritating and a variety of other adjectives.  Please have a sense of humor and be willing to think outside of the box when reading results in your personal blog post.  

Watch the video to compare the objective with the data. 

Objective:  Describe what is happening in this video.

Objective:  Describe Bob Ross painting "Island in the Wilderness" in the video.

Objective:  From the video, describe this Mantis system in action.


Highlighted words:

"Shooting Energy"

"Commanding Energy - Leaning Toward Nuclear or Weaponry"

"Launcher of Sorts"


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