What are Tiny Investigations?   

Tiny Investigations were born from the desire to know more.  Who killed JFK?  Why does asparagus make my pee smell weird?  Where are those dang keys?  Why did a woman drive her car into the front window of the local post office?  What is this creepy building?  Why is red velvet cake devoid of velvet?  If you can ask the question, then it can probably be investigated. 


Curiosity and knowledge can lead to revelations and changes.  In today's swiftly advancing technology, the information we need is frequently a click away.  Sometimes, however, it's not that easy.  Some questions need good old fashioned library research, pavement pounding, intuitive faith and personal communication to get the most complete answers.  Once we have the knowledge we desire, we also have inestimable potential and the ability to make better choices. 


I came to this blog through two desires:  to tell humorous stories and to know more.  There's nothing like a good mystery or being taken by surprise.  I am an avid fan of horror films, roller coaster rides, haunted houses and almost anything which has the potential for cheap thrills.  Please join me for some cheap (as in economical) thrills.  Through the Tiny Investigations Blog, let's acquire knowledge together in an effort to make this world a better, much funnier, well-investigated place!